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About Sven

Once upon a time, there lived a boy of 16 years, who really enjoyed running around and being the fittest he could be. He took part in all sorts of sports and loved all of them. One day, in an ancient library, he saw a statue of a Greek god whilst reading up on the best Olympians that ever lived. He immediately admired the physique of the statue, desiring to look like that man.

There was just one problem: The boy also knew about health, which had been passed onto him through his mother. He quickly found out about the way these Greek gods attained such fantastic physiques – by using forbidden, dangerous extracts that blew them up to their size within a much shorter than usual time. So, the boy was faced with a tough decision: Would he pursue building a hero’s body whilst sacrificing his health in return by using weird magical steroidal compounds as an aid on his quest? Or would he choose to dedicate his life to finding ancient remedies and newly discovered methods to attain this physique, allowing him to live healthily ever after at the same time?

Hi everyone, my name is Sven Gevers and I’m the owner of You might wonder which path the boy chose to follow. Well, rest assured, he chose the honest, respectful path and it has paid off well for him.

For anyone who couldn’t figure it out yet, that boy is me. I was still quite young when fitness and especially muscle building hit on me. I’ve always been very much into fitness and basically trialed and errored my way to success throughout the entire time. I still remember the good old days of my first few workouts, believing with all my heart that I could build a rock-solid physique and look incredible in a mater of a few weeks. I bought all kinds of magazines (Men’s Health, of course) and bought countless products online assuring guaranteed success within just a few short weeks. I was guided by the amazing bodies on the covers and knew I could do it.

I uncovered my father’s old pair of dumbbells (4kg at that time) and got started. I was ready to do this. As you probably guessed, it brought me nowhere. Well, I’ve grown up since then…

Over these years of trying and failing, I have found certain truths – about both nutrition and muscle building (the nutrition part came a bit later, though). I learned about the right way to train, from the proper mindset to the right workout structure to the best rep ranges. I learned how to eat right both for health and longevity and my physique. I also learned how to change my lifestyle to live a much happier, healthier and rejuvenating life.

It all paid off. Today, I’ve become an expert (still lots for me to learn, though) in my field and have cracked the muscle building/healthy living code I’ve been trying to crack for so long. I’ve found an amazing balance between the two, which allows me to live an awesome, enjoyable life whilst looking lean and strong. As everyone else, I still struggle here and there, but I do the struggling on a much higher level due to the experience I have gathered over the years. I’m that much closer to being invincible.

With all the knowledge I’ve collected, I felt a deep need to share it with the world and tell my story to other people. I want to serve as motivation and inspiration and get others to change their life for good, as well, so that they can look and feel amazing forever. That is my mission and I want to reach as many people as possible with my message.

Great! So lastly: Ever wondered what the name BeyondInvincible stands for? Wanna know? Here is the explanation:

You know about the typical steroid-filled bodybuilders or aesthetics-guys, right? Well, these guys might look incredible from the outside and sport perfect physiques (aka, they look Invincible) – but on the inside, they’re sick and rotten. They eat the wrong stuff leading to inflammation, they pump themselves full of hormones destroying their own natural production of them and they mostly feel like crap all day long. Does that have to be the sacrifice for a shredded physique?

I say no, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can live a great, healthy life well into your 90’s (and up!) whilst never getting sick, always feeling great and looking amazing at the same time. You don’t have to eat 6 meals a day and guzzle down 3-4 protein shakes to get big and you also don’t have to resort your diet to eating skinless chicken breast and brown rice day in and day out. You can live a normal life and look freaking amazing.You can have it all. You just have to know how to pull it off (that’s where I come in).

That is what BeyondInvincible is all about. It’s about reaching for more than just the Invincible (a great physique) and going Beyond it to have a great overall life with an amazing body. It’s about becoming a BeyondInvincible being that has control over all areas of life. These are the concepts I’ll teach you on this blog. Whether it comes to nutrition, fitness or lifestyle – I’ve got you covered in all three and will show you how to do it right.

There you go. Now that you know what this website is all about, what are you waiting for? Check everything out, read articles, comment, subscribe and join in on the fun! I can’t wait to hear what you have to say 🙂


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